Hubert Humka: "Evil Man", Lodz 2014
Buch Nr.: 159342

Evil Man

- Hubert Humka
Verlag: Publishing Unit The Polish National Film Television and Theatre School in Lodz
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
ISBN: 9788387870140

" Evil man is a story about the victims of the descendants of Cain who followed in his footsteps as well as victims trapped in a stalemate. It is a story about death.  The violent, sudden death man fears most. Death coming from the neighbourhood, lurking in city districts, the next village, a parallel street, in the courtyard opposite, in a small flat above or below. The pictures in this story depict the visible trace which death leaves behind - the corpse, revealing its cold, ordinary, dirty and ugly face. They strip death of its attributes – rituals and symbolism. They are evidence of evil and crime, but also despair and suffering, locked in a filing cabinet crammed with files.

These pictures also say that photography is authentic fiction. Created along the lines of a document they make use of the sincerity of photography not revealing, however, whether they are authentic, or whether they are just an imaginative creation.  However, it is of no significance because they tell true stories."

vgl. die Bilder und Texte zum Projekt auf der Website des Fotografen Hubert Humka

116 Seiten, Abbildungen zunächst nicht sichbar, da die entsprechenden Seiten erst vom Leser aufgeschnitten werden müssen, 23 cm x 21 cm, Hardcover (ohne Schutzumschlag, wie ausgeliefert)

Zustand: neu, Seiten noch nicht aufgeschnitten
35,00 €
Hubert Humka: "Evil Man", Lodz 2014Hubert Humka: "Evil Man", Lodz 2014Hubert Humka: "Evil Man", Lodz 2014Hubert Humka: "Evil Man", Lodz 2014

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